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About the Film

The kitchen equivalent of a high speed car crash. 


World class chef, Preston Pierce (35) prepares for the biggest night of his life, but his long-awaited debut restaurant fails tragically on opening night. 


Devastated by the failure and losing everything he has in the process, he retreats back to his hometown on Long Island to stay with his best friend, Dave Benoitti (35), who is grieving the recent loss of his father. 


Looking for a fresh start, they decide to start a business together with the money Dave received from his father’s life insurance.  In the process, Preston is reunited with his former love, Agnes (30)  and her young son, Mateo (6).  


It looks as if Preston might find fulfillment in this idyllic homecoming, but as he moves forward with his business, he and Dave begin making enemies. Now under threat from the local criminal enterprise, Preston is faced with yet another crisis:  abandon his new life or find out if he has it in him to do what needs to be done at the risk of losing everything. 



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Selection: Gotham Fiscal Sponsorship


Cooperage Inn

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